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Class Requirements:

All Students must purchase a Brookville Martial Arts Academy uniform and wear the required uniform to participate in all martial arts classes. You can purchase uniforms in the martial arts store.

At the Brookville YMCA, we only allow you and/or your child to try out classes for only 1 week before deciding to purchase a uniform. This is a 3 to 4 years commitment due to the fact that all martial arts skills and techniques take time to fully perform correctly. As soon as you purchase your uniform in the martial arts store, your uniform will be given to you during class.

Please don't wear shoes on the training floor unless you are wearing indoor only martial arts training footwear that is approved by the martial arts instructor. Footwear can be purchased in the Martial Arts Store.

Foul language will result in dismissal from all classes

No reckless behavior

Follow instructions during classes.

Class attendance is very important. Students that have missed multiple classes would have to speak with the instructor about making up classes before they are eligible to test on time.

Please be on time for classes. If your not able to come on time, please let the instructor know so we can make arrangements to give you what you need to be successful.

No bathroom breaks during classes. We would like you to use the restroom before or after class.

Students behind on payments need to talk with the instructor before participating in any martial arts classes and being eligible to be promoted. All payments need to be made to the Brookville YMCA. In the memo section on a check please write “martial arts.” If your not sure what you owe, we can provide an invoice explaining everything and what is needed to move forward.


Mandatory 12-16 classes

Monthly payments for classes are up to date

Wear approved uniform and earned Belt

Weekly practice sessions at home

Weekly class behavior and performances are part of your test

Given an invitation to test signed by parent and instructor

We would need all parents support through the whole process for your child to be successful. Please let the instructor know if your child may have to miss class. We would like to set up a make up time for your child to get caught up on the curriculum. Martial arts for everyone should be exciting and safe while working hard to achieve all your goals.

Brookville Martial Arts Academy will not accept starter checks. When presenting a check, please show driver license when purchasing anything from the instructor. We are a business just like any other and this is for your protection.

Rules as of April 6, 2010