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Additional Services

Welcome visitors. The services I offer in this section is more hands on. We understand the frustration it takes to set up these devices so I’m offering to be your solution. I am currently a wireless sales manager for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Prepaid services. I have extensive knowledge and experience working in multiple retail businesses like Sears, Best Buy, Aaron’s, Samsclub, and Walmart Since 2006. I hope to earn your trust because customer service is my specialty. 

Cellphone Diagnostic Service

Ever wonder why your cellphone is acting up in a way it’s not supposed to? I’m able to troubleshoot your device and see it can be fixed without having to go to a repair facility. If it can’t be fixed, I can even provide you an alternative. 

TV Installation 

(No wall-mounting) 

Ever purchased a TV from a retail business you didn't know how to hook up? We set up your TV to make sure it’s hooked up to your existing components and internet connection. 

Cellphone Setup

We go through the basic setup on your new phone while transfering all data from one phone to another. We set up your google and/or iCloud accounts on your phone and make sure your phone is activated with your carrier. 

Customer reviews

Went in to upgrade my phone and Billy at the wireless booth was extremely helpful. We ended up upgrading all 3 of our phones. Billy was very knowledgeable on pricing and ended up saving us a lot of money on our cell phone bill. He even stayed past business hours to make sure our new phones were backed up properly and everything was running as it should. Way more helpful than any other major cell phone store out there. Thanks for all the help Billy.

Anthony - Samsclub Butler, PA

Service Prices

Select a service and send us a message and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you. 

Daily Service


1 Time Purchase

Cellphone Diagnostic Service

Dubois, Pennsylvania

Brookville, Pennsylvania  

Clarion, Pennsylvania 

Cellphone Diagnostic Service

Daily Service


1 Time Purchase

TV Setup (No-Wall mount)

1 hr session

Living Rooms



TV Setup

Daily Service


1 Time purchase

Cell phone Setup

1 hr session




Cell Phone Setup